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About Noghtechin

By designing the web sites of some artists of cinema and music, Noghtechin started the activity of web site designing, in 2005.
Mehran Modiri, Alireza Eftekhari, Mohammadreza Sharifinia, Akbar Golpayegani, Mahnaz Afshar, Reza Attaran, Masoud Khadem,… were those artists, whom by trusting the young, but motivated group of Noghtechin, give us the designing and managing of their web sites. Gradually, the arena of Noghtechin activities was expanded and more News, Firms, and organizations web sites were designed and run.
Now, Noghtechin with over 10-year experience and a workbook of more than 150 web sites, is one of the oldest integrated groups of Iran web site designers.
User Interface & User Experience Design
We believe that graphical designing is the biggest challenge of Persian Web, so, our web sites outstanding trait, is designing based on exclusive graphical designs (UI). Graphical design of all web sites are done allocated with the clients tastes and based on the theme and essence of their websites.

Web Site Programming
Based on the type of web site, the programming language and system management are chosen.
Our suggestion for the projects of news, individual, firm, is the WordPress system of content management (WordPress CMS). Also for the bigger projects with the essence of information, Content management of Drupal CMS is offered.
Online Stores and e-commerce projects, will be designed and programmed on the basis of renowned software frames like Zend, Laravel, Yii, and Noghtechin allocated CMS.
Using the modern technologies of the world, such as Angular JS, Ajax, JQuery,…the front-end Programming of web sites are done in accord with the last standards of World Web Consortium (W3C). The web sites of Noghtechin are designed in Responsive form, and optimized for correct display on the cell phones and tablets.

Search Engines Optimization (SEO)
Observing the whole standards in the web two-stage process and as a default, the experts of Noghtechin do the first step of optimizing the search engines.
Also, our team is talented by an extra technical potential, for an advanced SEO and web site optimization on the basis of special keywords.

Digital Marketing & Strategy
Since many of job owners, with no plan and written strategy have stepped into the world arena of web, they do not receive the considered feedback.
Designing and setting up of a web site with no specific strategy, correct programming, useful content, and presence at the social nets, won’t result in outstanding benefits in internet jobs. Before starting the web designing process, Noghtechin consultants will be beside the clients from the very start point, by offering the strategic technical suggestions.